C and C Training Stables & THOR Equine Assisted Therapy 

Training, Instruction, Boarding & PATH Certified Equine Assisted Therapy

Our trainers & facility

Our lead trainer and founder of C and C Training Stables is Candee Coffee. She has more than 50 years of experience training horses and is a well known name in the equestrian community. She has training and competition experience in most disciplines including Western & English riding, gymkhana, competitive trail riding, endurance, and a variety of other equine sports.

C and C Training Stables is located on South Gateway Blvd, in Ridgecrest, CA, very close to NAWS China Lake, a Navy weapons testing facility. This location is less than a mile from the Desert Empire Fairgrounds, which makes for just a quick trailer ride (or trail ride!) to your competition of choice. The local fairgrounds hosts horseshows, rodeos and other various events if formal competition is part of your horse hobby.

If you're more interested in hitting the trails, either recreationally or for endurance conditioning, C and C Training Stables clients have direct access to hundreds of miles of trails, varying from flat desert open dirt roads to more technically difficult mountain rides.

C and C Training Stables also hosts equine sport functions at the ranch regularly including charity horse shows & events, play days, and clinics with well known clinicians.

Your horse's health is of utmost importance and the ranch hosts veterinary clinics at least twice a year, as well as being a regular stop for some of the area's best farriers & equine chiropractors.

In addition to stalls, arenas, hitching posts & wash racks, the facility has a hot walker machine and a cross country course.

Pony Club, 4H, and CGA (California Gymkhana Association) are just a few of the clubs and organizations we work with on a regular basis. The 4H experience is a wonderful addition for horses trained here, as they get desensitized to a variety of farm animals and livestock not always present at equestrian facilities. Learn more on our 4H page.

About Our Clients

Our customers and their horses come from all over the high desert, including Ridgecrest, Inyokern, China Lake, Lake Isabella, Kernville, California City, Mojave and even further.

While many of our customers love to just have nice family horses that they can keep at home and ride on their own, some of our customers are fiercely competitive. We take pride in our customer's successes!

Therapeutic Horsemanship (THOR) clients also come from all over the high desert. Our THOR customers are representative of various disabilities and unique challenges. Learn more about THOR and Equine Assisted Therapy on the THOR page.