C and C Training Stables & THOR Equine Assisted Therapy 

Training, Instruction, Boarding & PATH Certified Equine Assisted Therapy


Our full service boarding & training facility is also home to THOR in Ridgecrest!


LESSONS: Whether this is your first time on a horse or you've been competing for 20 years, we have a lesson plan that will suit you. We offer individual as well as group lessons, clinics, day camps for kids and more. You can trailer your own horse in, board here, or ride one of our quality lesson horses. We offer English and Western riding lessons, and can help fit you and your horse for 4H, Pony Club, Endurance, Gymkhana, English & Western showing, and more. Not sure what discipline you're interested in? Call us for a lesson and try some out!

Riding Lesson Prices:

1 Hour Private Lesson on your own horse: $45

1 Hour Private Lesson on one of our horses: $45

1 Hour Group Lesson on your own horse: $35 (when appropriate)

1 Hour Group Lesson on one of our horses: $35 (when appropriate)

30 Minute Lessons: $25

Lessons are by appointment only.


BOARDING: We offer quality horse boarding. All horses must be vaccinated yearly & have their regular maintenance (hooves, teeth etc). We feed quality alfalfa hay twice a day, clean pens daily. Additional care, such as daily graining, exercising, blanketing and supplementing can be arranged.

Horse Boarding Prices:

Monthly: $350




HORSE TRAINING: We offer horse training for either English or Western disciplines. We start young horses, retrain off track thoroughbreds & Arabians, and also correct "problem horses", and specialize in creating family-safe trail horses.  Training is purchased in blocks of 30 days. Training fees at C and C Training Stables include standard monthly board.  Not sure what to do about your horse's bad habit? Come meet our trainers and see the results in person! Have a fine equine that needs mileage? We attend numerous events including local shows, endurance meets, play days, charity trail rides, barrel races, gymkhanas & rodeos. We are experts at putting those seasoning miles on your horse!

Horse Training Prices: $890/month. This price includes full boarding services.



"KIDS KAMPS:" We host several day-camps throughout the year. They coincide with holidays/vacations from school. This is a perfect opportunity for your child to get many hours of instruction (both riding and general horse care), as well as socialize.

Plus, our day camps offer children a positive place to learn important life lessons about teamwork & animal husbandry. "Kids Kamps" are set up to host kids in groups of similar riding ability, so your child will never feel out of place.

Call or text for availability.


HORSE SALES: From time to time we offer horses for sale. We are very honest about a horse's ability and we work very hard to make a solid match between horse and rider. We believe that our business thrives on happy customers who get the horse that fits their needs. Sometimes clients "move up" from a beginner friendly horse to a more sophisticated mount. Sometimes a rider switches to a new discipline, or steps away from a high-end animal to a more family oriented ride. Because we attend so many events and shows, we are often the first to know when a rider is horse-shopping or horse-selling. We can also horse-shop with our clients. Again, it's all about making that solid match between horse and rider.


HORSE LEASING: We also occasionally offer horses for lease. Sometimes a student will have a special bond with a particular lesson horse, or require more saddle time than our usual lesson programs to prepare for a competition or campaign. Leasing allows for riders to have unlimited saddle time, without the large initial investment of purchase.


THOR: The most exciting new service at C And C Training Stables is THOR, Therapeutic Horsemanship Of Ridgecrest. Our head trainer Candee Coffee is a PATH International Certified Instructor, who focuses on therapeutic riding for special needs individuals, individuals with disabilities, and other special situations.  Learn more on the THOR page.